My dad has gotten some annoying viruses in his PC and I'm getting so mad at how slow his computer is and since I'm the techie at home... //ANNOYED SIGH

I shall do it. I shall get my dad's computer rid of this crap but it's so slow oh my god >:V

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    Install a ghost partition that installs a backup you made at every startup :p
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    @zombie01 my dad once told me (a few months ago) once the name of the virus and I searched how to get rid of it but we both forgot since so I got the AV on his computer running to see if I can get the name of that stupid piece of crap >:V no results yet
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    @DotM try adwcleaner and hitman pro
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    @DotM on www.bleepingcomputer.com you can get all the help you need.
    Those guys are virus and malware experts
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    @zombie01 thanks for the tip 😊
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