What is with the duck pictures? Someone care to tell me?

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    @thmnmlst yes.
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    I recently saw a video on the rubber duck coding language on a USB stick. Is it related?
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    I think it has to do something with rubber duck debugging
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    I tried things like teddy bear and dog et al. But duck actually works better. IMO, because there is a particular facial expression design that is so common for rubber ducks. And that facial expreesion suggests it is genuine and friendly, listening to me when I talk to it face to face. As an psychological effect, this makes me treat the debugging and conversation to a duck more serious.

    Just my theory.
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    Try googling "USB rubber ducky"

    ... Or watch Mr. Robot.

    Edit: I realize now it's referring to rubber duck debugging. The USB rubber ducky is a fun toy and important to know about, though, so I'm leaving this comment in.
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    1. Ask Andy Hunt
    2. Listen to devRant podcast #1
    3. Read the pragmatic programmer

    Then come back and tell us. :P
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    Not sure if it was clear from the comments, but often when you are debugging, it helps to explain what it is you're trying to do to someone. Often, just the act of attempting to explain it as you look through your code, you find the issue. So rather than waste someone else's time for something you were able to solve on your own, you explain your program to a rubber duck, and you get similar results. Results vary based on the type/personality of your duck.
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