could anyone help me calculating costs for AWS and Google Colab Services? I find it quite intransparent...

i would like to host 1x Python App which runs once a day or week (API call, enrichment uf JSON, JSON 2 CSV, FTP transfer). runtime is probably a few seconds, something between 1 and 5.

in AWS i created a Lambda function and for scheduling i guess i need CloudWatch. what really grind my gears is the combination of free contingent and paied service - i really don't have an overview right now, so my question here: how could i calculate it and what would be the monthly/yearly costs?

in Google Colab created a notebook and for scheduling i would need Google Cloud Scheduler. as far as i understand the hosting of the notebook is for free and the costs of cloud scheduler is $0.10 per job per project per month. 3 are for free. so 1 project, 1 job = scheduler for free?

Also, i'm open for other services such as digital ocean droplets or similar.

thx in advance for your help!

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    Don't know about AWS o GCP, but with DigitalOcean you can get a $5 vps and get going
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    @ScriptCoded yes, but why pay $5 when it could be even less? :)
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    @boese Yeah...
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    my experience is, digitalocean is nice to use - really great ui/ux but limited options and rather high costs - aws is nearly free unless you really start scaling - but it didn‘t sound like that‘s your use-case. So don‘t worry it probably won‘t cost you a fortune. But i‘d suggest running it for a month and then checking costs - no calculation is as accurate as acutal real-life experience.
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    With AWS you'll pay $1 per million events triggered by cron, so $0.000035 per month + $0.008552 for lambda CPU and RAM (assuming your app runs for 30s each time and uses 500 MB RAM). With tax, you'll pay roughly 1 cent per month.
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    @lknk "but it didn‘t sound like that‘s your use-case" that's true. it's a very simple project, like 70 lines of code :) so, i am looking for the best price/performance, but want to keep the option of scalability. might be best to go with aws either way.. ?!
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    @hitko thx for that, very helpful! i'm currently running on 128MB memory and i don't know it exactly, but it runs like 3-5 seconds at max. so it would be even lass than 1 cent ^^ did you use the calculator or where did you get that information?
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    @hitko i just triggered the function several times over a cloudwatch eventbridge cron: max duration was 2.25 seconds, used storage was 55MB max.

    using the price calculator without free tier, lambda should be free for my amount of ussage ?!

    RoundUp (2250) = 2300 Duration rounded to nearest 100ms
    31 requests x 2,300 ms x 0.001 ms to sec conversion factor = 71.30 total compute (seconds)
    0.125 GB x 71.30 seconds = 8.91 total compute (GB-s)
    8.91 GB-s x 0.0000166667 USD = 0.00 USD (monthly compute charges)
    31 requests x 0.0000002 USD = 0.00 USD (monthly request charges)
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