Fuck this
I get to work with API where you CAN authenticate with username/password and get a token

But you CAN'T get user info from token (auth response contains ONLY token)

So what I have to do:

1. Get token

2. Request ALL FUCKING USERS and load them into my DB

3. Search through local DB by username and, yeah, here I go

Now I need to have a cron job to update user DB 1/2 times per day

I can't think of ANY reason not to allow this

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    Wow, just wow. Is it SOAP based? Please tell me it's SOAP based :D
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    @myss well it's WSDL

    But the thing is NO WSDL viewer or parser can handle this format lmao

    It just manually read WSDL XML
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    @myss it's just a basic http API described in WSDL
    SOAP clients do not work somehow
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    Reminds me of Tableau.

    Their API gave user ID but not username.

    At the time I used their API, there was no way to translate user ID to user name.

    Ended up just saving the username they input in the login form and displaying it in all caps.
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    @AlgoRythm that's exactly what I have to do
    But the thing is that this is my main API so I have to download the db locally
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    @alert because of your name honestly when I read the notification "alert mentioned you in a comment" I thought someone was testing their bot on me.
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    You habe to load all users??? I don't know if I'm supöosed to lough or cry
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