feature request / rant: there sbkukd be no posting new rants unless you have a minimum amount of +1. Maybe it's 10, or 25. but I've noticed the vast majority of people posting repeated memes, gifs, and overall irrelevant stuff are people with 0-5 +1. they should be required to post comments and be around for a bit to understand what devrant is before clogging up the feed.

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    Not a bad idea, what do you think @dfox?
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    I like this idea - I've seen A LOT of reposted gifs. But I think new user limits shouldn't be too annoying. I dislike how stackoverflow handles new users, for example.

    Something that's easy to achieve but forces users to get accustomed to what the devRant community is about?

    My opinion anyway :)
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    We've been brainstorming a number of ideas similar to this. IMO, any sort of minimum score before you can post any rant is too restrictive.

    However, our idea was to require a minimum # of points before you could post an image. All of the issues named above had to do with images and textual rants are very rarely an issue, so I think that would solve most problems.

    But, we do want to make sure not to alienate new users. Blanket rules are hard to implement because there are new users who post good images on their first post. But I do think the benefits of requiring a minimum score to post an image outweigh the negatives, especially considering new uses might get downvoted for an image and then have a bad experience when it could have been avoided.
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    @dfox I think that's a great idea. And I agree, it's mostly gifs that are annoying. it would be pretty unusual to see 2 identical text rants. :)
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    @dfox what about minimum scores to - 1 posts? Keep the trolls at bay....
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    @MightybeforeGod that's a pretty good idea!

    Although trolls don't seem to be a problem right now, we definitely want to have good anti-troll defense. I think your idea is a good element in that.
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    @dfox So far, trolls arent a problem. Unfortunately, all it takes is for something to become even mildly successful for the trolls to come out in droves. And this app is definitely going to be something successful.
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    @MightybeforeGod haha thanks, I hope so! And yeah we'll definitely stay on top of it. I'll probably implement that rule soon, for -1'ing.
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