The problem with bootstrap is that when implemented in full, it is extremely easy to identify (same goes for the likes of materialize). However, I find if it is used sparingly it can be incredibly useful without being obvious. My question is, is utilizing something like bootstrap a "cop-out" or is it an incredibly useful tool, but needs to be used sparingly? So to speak, are you less of a dev if you don't write all of your css from the ground up? Or is it just common sense to make use of something that simplifies the task? Please discuss and happ new year 🎉

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    I had the same concern about all websites starting to look identical if we all started using bootstrap. I wouldnt say its a cop-out though. its incredibly useful for giving you out of the box padding and margins and the grid system for layout. No point writing that stuff from the ground up and re-inventing the wheel every time when you can get it for free. Its just like any other 3rd party library. it can be incredibly useful but you should be wary of how closely you couple your code to it. Only use it for the thing you need it for.
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    Yeah that is what i think too. Useful tool but one has to avoid relying solely on that. I agree with you on your worry as well, i think lately we have been seeing a lot of websites that look scary similar. P.s cheers for getting me to an avatar.@CrashOverride
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    Exactly. There is so much work that needs to be done, suxh as functionalty, data flow security, etc. A little bit of help from a template to align the layout can be very useful, rather than messing around with the position property for hours without getting anywhere.@DevotedSniper
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