While spending time with my girlfriend and son in Moscow, I tried to reach back to some recruiters on LinkedIn .. but there is no access from Russian dns!! I can't even make the app work!!

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    Flush your dns cache and swap to something else,
    Visit through proxy,
    Use a VPN?
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    be aspiring dev
    Never heard of VPN
    Can't access LinkedIn
    Never get dev job
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    @LoserInRussia yeah I mean it takes 2 seconds to get a proxy at least ...
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    Dude, i just laughed a lot with your name! Awsome! Keep going!
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    I would configure her router to point to Google's dns servers, but I'm afraid she'd get black listed as a hacker or something .. haha!

    As someone said, it's actually a blessing not to have all those recruiters disturbing for a while ..
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    You can't currently access LinkedIn from Russia since LinkedIn does not meet Russian jurisdictional requirements, namely LinkedIn must keep all data regarding Russian citizens in Russian data centers.

    In short, Russia blocked LinkedIn.

    I might be wrong though...
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    @nocgod You are completely right, and I was aware of the story since we are building some sort of social network dealing with laws such as Russian, Indian, Canadian ..

    Nevertheless, I still wanted it to not affect me, and today on a mall's free wifi, I even got notifications .. only the number, thou ..
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    @elQueFaltaba why should it not affect you?
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    @nocgod because I wasn't thinking on checking LinkedIn during my vacations ..
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