Netflix and YouTube Music, and whatever paid, are missing an important part of the fun.


Comment sections

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    if comments exists, people wouldn't watch their stupid netflix originals
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    I miss the Netflix reviews. They got rid of them due to "declining use" and people using the review system to just say things like "NETFLIX MAKE NEXT SEASON NOW." At least, according to Netflix. But it could also be because they didn't want people to review their original content and put others off from watching it.
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    I.miss the good.old IMDb forums
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    No they are not missing anything like that
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    You want comments like "Who's here in 2020?" below Netflix shows?
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    @theabbie Still watching in 2020.
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    @theabbie atleast Netflix won't cancel shows that have had a great run because of "decline in viewership"
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    If Netflix starts a social media component, such as comments, that would place a heavy burden on them that distracts from their core business.
    -They'll need to spend developer time on the platform
    -They'll have to moderate posts and content
    -Spam, spoilers, links to illegal material.
    -They'll have to compete with already established platforms
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    Adding a comments section to your service is basically inviting 4chan into your home.
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