Hello everyone, once again I’m asking for your help, for the first time I’m working as a counterpart for an external development company, this project already has a few months of work but there are not any technical documentation or quality metrics.

Would you suggest to ask all the necessary stuff with times, quality and requirements or it’s already impossible to do that?

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    @bagfox for your financial support
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    If the project you're working on (or going to) doesn't have enough info, then ask.
    Not asking will slow you down or straight up hold you from making any progress.

    It sounds easier said than done (it is) but there is not much else you can do other than trying to reach out to the right people.
    Spending months on a project with so little information sucks (especially if the people you work with are "super busy" and ignore you but if they can help then it's better than being lost or left with not enough info).
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    That’s the thing, this a one person client with no technical background so he know little to nothing what have been done until now.

    I’ll take you advice anyways and start to ask to the external company for documentation.

    Thanks for the help.
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    You're welcome 😁.
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