If reincarnation is a myth, why recurrence is such beautiful problem solution ?

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    One is math, one is a societal control mechanism.
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    @SortOfTested ok but we have some measurements like 21 grams is weight of soul.

    Science Today is boring as fuck cause it’s rejecting all other alternatives then math so we stay in the same place all the time.

    Modern scientists are inquisition for alternative approaches like electromagnetic field measurement before death and other death studies.

    It’s fucked up, free thinking is banned everywhere.
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    No logical connection whatsoever
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    @vane we don't have those measurements. They are proven false.
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    I think recurrence is a way to implement a solution. It’s not the solution itself.
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    @iiii yeah ? So why there still ongoing studies around NDE (Near Death Experience) and electromagnetic field after effects ?
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    @vane because there are always crazy fanatics who cannot accept reality as it is

    Also, just conducting any study does not prove anything. The result may be negative.
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    @iiii those are many ongoing university studies proved by data and measurements. Not some crazy idiots.

    Just google for:

    Electromagnetic after effects of near-death experiences
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    @vane as I've said, just the fact of conducting a study does not prove anything.
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    @iiii Well I’m optimistic person who don’t deny anything. Found a book so I can say more when I read about biggest studies so far.
    Already listening...
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    Science never rules it out, it just hasn't seen any reproducible evidence of anything outside of documented medical scenarios that already exist. The problem here is the suspect nature of not just the materials and the unverifiability of the testimony, but also the fact that the author published a book about his study, rather than releasing it for peer review. If someone won't allow people to actually see their data, that's a red flag.

    The empirical nature of the "evidence" is also where it falls apart. The study itself is conjecture, and every study that attempts to gather material evidence shows that experiences occur while still very much alive. Another way to look at it is, If you interview 1000 christians, 950 are likely to tell you that God exists and they've had some experience that verifies that. It is not, however, evidence of a supernatural being.

    Here's 30k words on the entire gamut of the subject and why it's such a questionable study:

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    @vane people find 'evidence' of a soul because they want to find evidence of a soul. They feel very uncomfortable with the idea that there is no soul because it would follow there is no afterlife and your life is finite; it's just confirmation bias and cognitive dissonance.

    Honestly ask yourself if it's possible for you to accept the idea that someday you and everyone you know will be gone. If that's "I'm optimistic"... then it follows that you're probably just looking for validation not discussion.
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    @SortOfTested @gibus Yeah probably you’re right.

    This book is crap. Listening to it is like watching reptilian videos except it’s not funny.

    Author said he’s study is based on anonymous questionnaire from 13k respondents containing 100 questions.
    I was expecting some electromagnetic measurements and stuff, not some dumbfucks relations about how they feel special.
    I feel special when I’m drunk.
    Don’t need death for it.
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    @vane as expected from such sort of book. There's really no proven evidence of anything of that sort. Only superstitions.
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