Anyone using Kubernetes? Just want to know how much many people actually you it vs the actual hype there is around it

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    @rutee07 sorry sis, I _love_ my wife. As for k8s - I _like_ it :)

    but yeah, I'm using it for my needs (personal and work). why?
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    Just curious, I also work with it every day but when you look at the thousands of applications out there it's an overkill imo for most
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    The company I work at uses it, I haven't played around with it myself tho (not yet).
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    We used it in the past VERY heavily.

    It's awful.
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    Using it a lot, its awesome.
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    K8s for everything. Critical for keeping our ops group small.
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    @Chewy8 depends on the application :) also, I don't think you know what hides in the backed of "the most applications out there". Maybe they have a lot to manage too.
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    I once inherited a kubernetes architecture. 15 microservice apps connected to each other, took about 5 minutes for minikube to start,took me a month to tame it.
    It served a website that had around 100 visitors per day.
    Morale of the story: in that case,it was a bit overkill
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