Come into work, 5 of our 18 employees have been fired. The boss stares at you with a gleam in his eye. This makes me want to program incredibly technical shizzle. Of course it does. There's nothing like a supportive work life balance :/

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    nothing says "you're next" like cutting 28% of your staff
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    Oh no. What happened???
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    haha same as always, lofp (lack of f-ing planning). "hang on, we've got no money" after spending a year building his new house.....priorities?
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    Reminds me of the time we needed new monitors and the CEO said no as we needed to save money. Only for him to roll up a couple of days later in a brand new Ferrari.

    Or the time our CTO fired our only IT guy, and then complained why all the infrastructure stopped working.
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    3 months no pay. Email from CEO:
    "I would like to invite you all to the opening of my wife's new riding hall. No worries, Sausages and a cold drink will wait for you."
    Nice when you don't even have gasoline to actually go to work, let alone pay your rent. My reply: "I'd like to Inform you that I am on my way now to the court to start a bankruptcy and fraud suit against you the company."
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    @DerDuke ouch. why is it that we still work for tyrannical tyrannosaurs when we're the ones who shape the space they benefit from. my solution is to log every startup idea until I can't conceivably disprove one's validity.....then make it and sell it. That's the light at the end of the tunnel, and it'll be clean code, with no bulls hit.
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