Our front-end team is pissed at me because they found a feature I pushed last month and claimed they didn't know it existed and how can they help clients if they don't know what's going on with the platform and - I pointed them to the Pivotal story of the feature that they were included in as well as the full changelog announcement I made to the entire team the day I pushed it.

Knowledge is power, especially when it's in writing with a timestamp.

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    I work for 3 part-time business owners. 1 of them rarely even comes into the office. As I complete projects, I send emails explaining what was done and links for them to view the pages. More times than not, a month will go by and the guy who rarely comes in will start asking about things I emailed him about months before.
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    @MadHatrix you should make little business cards for that guy, that has a link to all the information he missed (even of its just like a service like box or a link to an internal share or something ) then when he comes to ask questions you can listen to the first question semi-patiently and give him the card and tell him "the answers you seek are here you need only seek them", then any time he asks questions already answered by your repo of information, you can give him another card and tell him how "if he opened his eyes he would see the answers to his questions" after a couple of rounds of "spiritual toned" answers you then break the patient enlightened act and yell "Damnit Bill! Read your fraking emails I've already spent the time to tell you everything there" and then swivel around in your chair and blast your favorite music of choice in your headphones.
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    @brettmoan best answer evahr!
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    @brettmoan I like this. I'd probably take it a step further and actually buy a domain called shityoumissed.com with his name or something. Haha.
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    @Jase search for domain "Jase's shit you missed"
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