As a pretty solid Angular dev getting thrown a react project over the fence by his PM I can say:


It is nigh impossible to write well structured, readable, well modularized code with it and not twist your mind in recursion from "lift state up" and "rendercycle downwards only"

Try writing a modular modal as a modern function component with interchangeable children (passeable to the component as it should be) that uses portals and returns the result of the passed children components.

Closest I found to it is:
c o d e s a n d b o x.io/s/7w6mq72l2q
(and its a fucking nightmare logic wise and readability wise)

And also I still wouldn't know right of the bat how to get the result from the passed child components with all the oneway binding CLUSTERFUCK.

And even if you manage to there is no chance to do it async as it should be.
You HAVE to write a lot of "HTML" tags in the DOM that practically should not be anywhere but in async functions.

In Angular this is a breeze and works like a charm.
Its not even much gray matter to it...

I can´t comprehend how companies decide to write real big web apps with it.

They must be a MESS to maintain.

For a small "four components that show a counter and fetch user images" - OK.
But fo a big webapp with a big team etc. etc.?

Asking stuff about it on Stackoverflow I got edited unsolicited as fuck and downvoted as fuck in an instant.
Nobody explained anything or even cared to look at my Stackblitz.
Unsolicited edit, downvote, closevote and of they go - no help provided whatsoever.
Its completely fine if you don't have time to help strangers - but then at least do not stomp on beginners like that.
I immediately regretted asking a toxic community like this something that I genuinely seem to not understand. Wasn't SO about helping people?
I deleted my post there and won't be coming back and doing something productive there anytime soon.

Out of respect for my clients budget I'm now doing it the ugly react way and forget about my software architecture standards but as soon as I can I will advise switching to Angular.

If you made it here: WOW
Thank you for giving me a vent to let off some steam :)

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    Another episode of:

    -other language / framework / thing that someone isn't familiar with must be a total mess to maintain if you're not disciplined-
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    @N00bPancakes Actually I had a friend in several webcam / screenshare meetings who is a hardened react dev.

    Pretty soon getting into the problem he felt what I was feeling and closed with the words "hmm this is probably natively built in in angular. React is still a library you have to do a lot of stuff yourself".

    Problem being that even if you do it yourself - the framework does not allow it to be readable, understandable, reusable etc.

    Show me

    "a good modular modal as a modern function component with interchangeable children (passeable to the component as it should be) that uses portals and returns the result of the passed children components"

    and we can discuss it and you can stop your easy dismissive behaviour (like the guys on SO) without looking at the problem.

    It will look something like the mess down the line like this:

    c o d e s a n d b o x.io/s/7w6mq72l2q
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    Sorry but I'm not going down the write your code for you path ...

    Not really sure how hardened that react dev was if they had trouble with a modal.
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    I honestly have really no clue why people like React, I'd almost rather do everything with no framework lol.
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    Its not as if "any" simple "show a string" modal would be hard like you are portraying it.

    But a reusable one with dynamic children and them passing data back and all that being easy to follow and understand and read is nigh impossible.
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    I mean, I know react exceedingly well and mostly agree with this. It doesn't scale well on terms of manageability 🤣
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    I'll just take that as fact for the sake of not arguing over / writing someone else's code, but generally most 'i don't know this well and X, Y, Z' sucks is usually just a human factor, same with 'found this code base and it's ass'.

    The amount of 'department / assholes at my company used X and thus X sucks ass because I have to work with it' is too damn high IMO.
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    @N00bPancakes You are right I hated Angular in the beginning as well.

    Sure what you portray is very often true - might be for this as well (even if I don't think so).

    But this site is called devrant.

    I ranted.

    And you basically said "you shouldn't rant" ;D

    And it enraged me even more ^^

    Fuck I need to let of steam. Probably gonna go out for a walk.

    But not sorry for my rant - after all this is the purpose of this site :)
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    Yeah, the x v y arguments are quite irritating. I just felt some of the complaints given the react shitshows I've ended up owning in the past.
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    You have my permission to rant.
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    @N00bPancakes I genuinely and physically laughed :)

    Thank you.
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    @Exxenmann I actually enjoy Angular...sometimes😖
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    React is just a pretentious way for developers to show off their golden arseholes presenting theoretical business cases without value.
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