Nothing scares a developer more than a follow up question from the other person while ordering takeout, after a very precise order.
This is why we build apps, so we don't have to deal with trauma like this! xD

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    This is why I hate drive thrus when it's more than just me in the car.

    Get everyone's order. Tell it to the guy, thanks thanks, total, pull ahead, wait, wife wants blah blah blah, OK thanks pull ahead.
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    @ex0dm3nt you are my spirit animal
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    Wow, you guys have a bit of a social problem !
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    @MadHatrix that's a very single threaded approach. I've been programming parallel systems so I'd have everyone in the car shout their orders at the same time. That's n times the performance provided that the bandwidth of the channel between car and restaurant staff can support it. If not, ask each one to shut t f up for a random amount of time and then have them shout again until everyone is happy!
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    @siljamicke haha. Sometimes computers are just so much more efficient than humans.
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