I feel nostalgia for the world we left behind quarantine.

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    My feel is more like: I motherfucking told you so.
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    @IntrusionCM Lol. Actually the country where I'm from had recently migrated the whole bureaucratic system to the digital world and until last year was being heavily criticized (with reason since the migration was messy and corrupted as everything here is). Just before quarantine a new president of the opposing party took charge and bam, covid hits. Thanks to the migration (just in time) we needn't walk around moving paper bills and forming queues to ask for documents.
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    @OneOfSimpleMind it's not just that.

    I might be a lone crying wolf - but in every country the whole system runs on "we expect this, so this has to work" mentality.

    And it never worked out well.

    Just that it did work out well enough to be not taken seriously.

    What this whole freak show should have taught is that you cannot run on the expectation that everything will work out "fine enough".

    Doubt that it will stick, doubt that anyone will learn from it.
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    @IntrusionCM Right. No doubt we won't learn from it right away. Same as with contamination an shit. More rules will be laid, individuals will take extra precautions, companies will try, fail to abide and pay a big fee occasionally.
    But until we are on the verge if extintion we will very probably not mind enough to learn.
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