Fuck articles which are nothing more than tweets wrapped in ads and paragraphs which repeat the content of the tweets.

Yeah I know that software version x was released, I just read the fucking tweet! — I googled for more details, which points me at 10 mainstream tech news blogs, which are all in the business of fluffing up three sentences into 6 paragraphs without adding any value.

I wish Twitter just charged royalty fees to embed on for-profit websites.

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    Try searching with a -twitter added to your query?
    But yeah, a lot of media is this bs...
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    You could live under a rock and not miss out on much.
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    Only worse articles are the ones where they post a video and basically transcript the video.

    Yes, I can effin see what is happening in the video, thanks.

    Also the ones in which they just change a word... Changing the entire meaning of the sentence. "Hope it will last a month" "hope it dies in a month" .... Eheh we are just writing an article, we make mistakes we clearly aren't trying to throw shit on ppl we good we good, where is the press freedoDON'T YOU DARE CALLING NEWS YOUTUBER "PRESS", WE ARE THE ONLY PRESS. But we good and saints.
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    @Root can confirm, that's what I do. It's warm and cozy down here.
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    @Elyz Is there room for more?

    Wait... If too many people start living under a rock, and form a little under-the-rock-living-society, where do you go to escape that society's news and culture?

    Is there a tiny rock underneath that rock? Is it rocks all the way down?

    Damn I really need some sleep
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    @bittersweet the key is we must all find our own rock to live under, so we can be perfectly isolated!
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    bittersweet, you can always trust us here at least, on devrant, to never advertise to you (except for those work from home scams).

    Whenever you come back, you can always rely on my math shitposts, Roots bitting cynacism, rooties jovial propositioning, and more.

    never gonna give you up.
    never gonna let you down.
    never gonna run around
    and hurt you.
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    @Wisecrack My biting cynicism?

    Oh no, have I turned into one of those people? I guess that is a predictable (and understandable) response to getting screwed over (and/or severely disappointed) by almost everyone I have ever met. Sigh.

    I’ve grown to accept that this is the way things are, and to expect people to behave in this way because in my experience they do, and overwhelmingly.

    I don’t think I’m a cynic, and don’t want to be like that — though I probably do appear that way here.
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    @Root I find it kind of endearing.
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    @Wisecrack @Root There's a problem in the fact that Cynicism has three meanings:

    Someone who thinks there is no value in the easily obtainable or quickly achieved pleasures — I think this is true for Root, until she finds Rum, then it's Root the Hedonist.

    Or: Someone who believes all decisions, even seemingly selfless acts of goodness, are fundamentally based on deeper selfish motivations, and discards the illusion that there is any true underlying morality in the universe — I think this is just realism, and once you get over the fact that humans just aren't truly virtuous, it's actually quite beautiful that even a selfish human tends to favor peace over conflict.

    Or, the most modern meaning: The Bitter Person. But that's just because DevRant serves as a place to vent frustrations, hate and dark murder fantasies.
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