Head hunters reaching out with a "position that might intrest you".. with a stack of skills that are not on my CV at aaaaall

Also Headhunters after answering back: oh you have only 1 year experience with that tool? They want at least 3, goodbye.

All just a phishing scam to get u to give them an updated CV version.. no real "relevant position" in sight. Smh.

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    Sounds annoying, but what would they even do with an updated CV?
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    @LotsOfCaffeine more accurate phishing :)
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    Yeah, pretty much. I reject anyone who reaches out to me - if I want a job I'll look myself and reach out to them.

    The ones who reach out to you are just glorified spam bots. They'll rarely if ever bother replying, even some of the internal recruiters from well known firms.
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