Why do CEOs and higher ups always think development is just some easy quick thing you can spit out in a week? {
"I need a web app that can do X and I want to sell it to make more money!"
} or {
"I want something that can automate this thing here and then I can re-sell it!"

Usually, the project is something that already exists and has taken a whole team years to iron out and perfect and to compete with it would be insane or it exists and it's actually FOSS. We're a small MSP, we don't have the resources to make big ticket SELLABLE software.

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    Because they are rich and most of the time throwing money at problem is the solution
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    @zemaitis Makes sense when they hire super cheap devs from India that won't follow to my Sprint plans.
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    And then they believe they own it when they weren't the ones putting in time and effort just the idea
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    Because the software industry has pumped itself full of inflated egos and frameworks that provide "rapid growth" fueled by fads like Agile and Scrum and such prose as "the 10x engineer" which promises employers of a utopia of individuals that can work at unrealistic and borderline suicidal rates for half the cost as other seasoned (see: obsolete, old, cranky, jaded) developers.

    That, and the fact that the barrier to entry for software development is virtually none, so investors/founders think "well if I can open inspector tools then the rest of this is really easy, right?"
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    @junon ^ this
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