Me: "oh its a new year, time to check out some shiny new languages"
Me: *finds kotlin*
Me: "what the fuck"

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    What the fuck in like "how awesome is that!"?
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    My story:
    1. Let's checkout this kotlin thing everzo is raving about recently
    2. Trys in curr Andr Project
    3. Never writes a line of Java code again
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    @theZorgEffect what the fuck is this syntax, did someone just mix php with java?
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    @RazorSh4rk that feature is called string interpolation - almost every modern language nowadays has its approach of it
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    It's just different enough from Java so I know I'm not looking at Java, but it's similar enough to make me sad.
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    @theZorgEffect string interpolation is the least of my problems, ill just stick to java
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    Why not c++? I really enjoy it because it just does what you tell it to do. It seems to me like the only language nobody is upset about. But I'll have to say, it's the only language I know.
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    Actually, the syntax reminds me of Rust. Although, it might be strange, but for some reason I'm really getting caught up on the fact that "function" is abbreviated to "fun"
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    @stimulate fuck c++
    No package manager, multi paradigm style, verbose, over complicate build systems, slow builds.
    The only good thing about it is that it is fast, if you actually go through the trouble of optimising.
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    If you're looking for jvm alternatives to java, I recommend scala. Cuts out most of the boilerplate, easy to do concurrency and parallelization, sane syntax, and really great for FP if desired.
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    @rusty-hacker exactly. I work with C++ in my work and it's so clattered and messed up. Only QT shows some promises.
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    This is the most straightforward syntax possible. C-like, except where C doesn't make sense.
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    I don't see a problem there... Never wrote a line in Kotlin... Looks straight forward...

    (Wrote Java, c#, PHP, ruby, go, js maybe that's why it doesn't look strange)
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    This will be my "one new language a year" for 2017. As a former Java dev I really need to give it a try.
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    @stimulate I've written more code in C++ than in any other language (started back in 1990), and it's great when you have to squeeze as much performance as possible from the hardware.

    That was something you had to do often in 1990, but rarely these days. Compared to F#, which I use now, C++ is a waste of developer time unless you really need to optimise for CPU cycles.
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    Do all the args have to be lists? Why can't you just use one string?
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    @SpencerBeige so you can have multiple args?
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    @stimulate don't get me started on C++. Fucking 5-page-long error messages...
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    @stimulate here, a buncha people upset about c++
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    @Grumpy Hmm... Since I've only used c++ yet, and since I am pretty new to programming: what could you recommend as an alternative to c++? I chose it because it is said to be fast. I use it to write a Game Engine right now, so performance is kind of important to me. On the other hand, I won't be able to make crazy detailed games now, so can you maybe recommend something c-like, relatively fast and low level, but also easier and faster to write than c++?
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    Yes Kotlin is the shit. It also has a JavaScript cross compiler. Version 1.1 is going to be awesome.

    The language also has a JavaScript cross compiler and nicely integrates with native JavaScript libraries. Still a bit raw here, but it will improve.
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    @stimulate the answer is supposed to be Rust, but I think it will take some time before they will beat 30 years of performance tuning in compilers
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    @Grumpy I think if you will get more done with it in less time it's a considerable trade-off. Thanks :)
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    @RazorSh4rk But, for this function, that is useless all it does is print the first argument.
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    @stimulate if you are writing a game engine for learning purposes, that us great and you shoild stick to it and continue on. On the other hand if you have an idea and want to implement and see how it goes, use an existing engine instead of trying to reinvent the a less rested less circular wheel. A hot cross platform framework around these eays is unity which has c# and javascript support.
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    @stimulate If you want to stay relatively low level, I'd stick with C++. What I wrote about more productive languages like F# is only true once you have the opportunity to leave the low level (when F#/Haskell etc are fast enough), but if you want to stay close to the hardware, C and C++ are still the big ones.

    If you're doing something that's not extremely performance critical, I'd recommend learning different paradigm, i.e. a functional language. F# has good tooling support and plays nice with .NET. Haskell is IMHO an even nicer language, but is an isolated world and doesn't have any good tooling.

    Bonus: my C++ code improved vastly after I learned my first functional language. Especially all code using STL.
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    Clojure FTW
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    Awesome language :)
    Currently writing my thesis about Kotlin
    Goodnight java
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