> git push origin master

* [new branch] master -> master

Thank you GitHub.

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    So... what exactly do you expect the message to be?
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    @kamen GitHub renamed the master branch to "main" for hilarious reasons. After years of typing "git push origin master" you're getting pretty used to it.
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    You can change this in your account settings under "Repositories"
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    @junon Holy lord! Thanks man
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    I'm so offended by this. Pls change it to "butternut-caramel"!
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    @nitwhiz omg how can you say that! I have a nut allergy. Calm down.
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    git symbolic-ref may be of use ;)
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    *Grumbles something about assholes enabling airlines to skip nut service, uses peanut-based perfume, has a mask with George Washington Carver's face on it and a pin from Carter's reelection campaign.
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