So I just saw a post on Facebook about a "Serverless Function as a Service on Kubernetes". Could someone give me eye bleach please?

I really can't wait after Scoped Storage and how goddamn slow it is, to have a "glorified microservice" take 5 minutes to spin up a container, just to do something silly like printing a hello world. In the post it was apparently showing a QR code.. that's it. A fucking QR code, because remember it's just a function.

A whole fucking operating system that goes up and back down, just to run a goddamn fucking function!!!

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    Serverless in general is just dumb tbh
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    FaaS in k8s generally has either warm micronodes or low cost runtimes prespooled onto the hardware. It's just another approach.

    Also remember containers are not a whole operating system, it's just a workload sandbox, chroot env and a an overlayfs mount. The root OS is still providing any and all kernel services.
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    I feel way ooga booga reading about all this serverless or microservice thingy talk, lol. I never used any of these in the industry. Am i missing out? But I recently turned 36 so maybe that’s it? I’m such a geezer lol
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    @12bitfloat I'll sound like a broken record, but I'll say it again - it's only dumb if you think it's the solution to everything. If you run incredibly spiky workloads and/or would benefit from scaling to zero in quiet times, it could be a very useful tool.
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    @d-fanelli nah, just a paradigm-shift and a couple new buzzwords. You probably know the drill.
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    @fuyukine and it’s all terribly boring.
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    @fuyukine Im trying to get through an express.js tutorial. It’s not that it’s difficult. It’s boring as hell and I have to force myself to endure its boringness without wanting to watch a crazy vid on YouTube
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    @d-fanelli go with official docs if they're good enough. Helps eliviate a lot of the pain.
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