If you feel that you need to make systems to enforce code standards... The team actually needs to learn to self-enforce your code standards. If an automated tool is determining standards it will be tricked into allowing clean-looking code with poor design choices into your project.

This chaps my ass.

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    What if the tool actually helps them learn it? You really want me to waste time during code reviews going over all stylistic problems?
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    Should probably do both. Tools catch specific mistakes like indentation and naming, while code review catches more general stylistic issues.
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    Most folks work in an IDE that can lint. IDE linting isn’t a system that enforces a standard; it is a tool that reinforces a standard.

    The team I work with nests their code far too much and we have a line length hard wrap and four spaces instead of tabs required at submission. So we have devs making terrible readability to trick the linting enforcement in the pipeline so that they can submit code.

    So the solution in my mind is change the printable line-length requirement so that the code reads better and discuss the nesting problem. We then can work longer term to fix the nesting habit while stopping the flow of shit style into the repo.
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