Just a few hours ago... The project we worked on for so long... Vanished in front of me... 6 months of pain, highly hoping for a raise.

I guess I should count myself lucky, the other person is no longer working with us. I did like her a lot, ngl.

Is it even worth staying here, I do not know. But there is no other place to work with Rust that I know of...

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    wdym "vanished"?
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    @localpost Today I got an order from the director, that due to Corona, the company is going into hibernation mode. All people work 2/5 days per week. Quite a lot fired. So the coding project was shutdown, only maintenance of other projects remain at this point.
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    Do you have what to work on? Do they have any plans for projects in the not so distant future?

    I'd bounce real quick before it turns into a situation where you're laid off as well.
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    Time to find a second job and back burner the first.
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