There might be a special place in hell for the creator of JavaScript. He hacked something in a couple weeks and this monstrosity has been causing hell for devs since the 90s.

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    Well, he *was* also leadership at netscape, and was very pro charging for browsers. He also resigned from Mozilla's CEO slot because he donated multiple times to efforts to deny gay people in california the right to marriage and civil union. While that was his opinion, it was also the opinion of the 32% of staff at Mozilla who were some form on non-hetero that someone who is willing to vote to strip their existing rights and invalidate their marriages was the definition of worst boss ever.

    His entire life's work amounts to making other people's lives hell. There are several levels of hell vying for the privilege of having him as a guest.
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    I was always more curious how nothing else managed to get into browsers as a standard like that, even if it was just some modest stuff to begin with.

    I mean if there was some other JS alternative that was more thought out, mature or something maybe that would have taken off.... but JS got in there and the rest is history.

    Sometimes it seems like rando ideas get into places almost like nobody cared about and ... now you're stuck with it.
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    hell is written in javascript
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    Corporate veterans run all the browser teams in all the orgs.

    Microsoft tried with both activex and silverlight, it didnt pan out. WASM is the next thing where we will see what happens.
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    @SortOfTested I'm very positive about wasm because it targets a niche that Javascript can never fill. The niche of just letting you use whatever the hell you want.
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    Oh man Silverlight.

    I know some folks that you do not speak of that when around them. They're still hurting.
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    Welcome to Hell.JS

    You'll be able to access it once the client side rendered decides this is enough tree-shaking for today.
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    With due respect, that’s plain stupid. Brendan Eich is one of the most prominent programming figures on the planet.

    JavaScript is the way it is because of politics. Unlike Java or C++, there is no single authoritative body that controls how the language is built. Every year, a consortium of corporate fucks get together and each one tries to influence the language in a way that benefits their libraries.

    ANY language that happened to have been chosen as the language that the internet is built on, would be in the state JS is today.

    Brendan Eich himself has literally said he didn’t design the language for this role. So stop dissing the man.
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    1. many gays in silicon valley

    2. he got kicked out for being awful.

    3. javascript is his revenge on them.

    nevermind the order. this is now my twobit supervillain head canon for the origin of javascript.
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    I see your point. There are inherent fallacies here since we are retrofitting the past with the current state. But you can't chalk all of it up to corporate. JavaScript was his baby!
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    @rolexpo you absolutely can chalk it up to that. He made JavaScript as a fast hack for small time scripting. He wasn’t the guy who proposed it be used as the language of all browsers.

    All languages start out shit and they become better over time. Hard to do that with a cul de sac of Silicon Valley twats including Microsoft pulling strings.
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    Microsoft is long way away from silicon valley, for ref
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    @netikras You mispelled heaven.
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