So, I've been working as a developer for 15 years almost. I recently started what could reasonably be described as my dream job. As in absolutely fucking awesome. Really interesting product, sane technology, nice co-workers, decent salary, 100% remote.

So, why am I suffering from motivation issues? I find it difficult to get started on the simplest tasks. and looking at the check-ins from my coworkers is intimidating. I had a phase of burnout previously so I'm watching that in myself too...

So far the best solutions I've found are.
1 Coffee, lots of coffee.
2 quick catch-up calls so that I'm reassured I'm actually doing the right work and the quality is good enough.
3 following TDD strictly and not thinking too far ahead on each iteration. (I recommend "99 bottles of OOP")

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    Same for me with 10 years
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    For me I get motivated by tough deadlines and a good amount of stress.
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    I've been there... hard to describe but just... don't take it too seriously... this shit happens! the most usual reason (from what I can tell) is that management has failed to provide enough information (or tell the devs to give enough if they make the tasks) ... this ends up being a big hidden object game.. where you first need to decode the mind of the person who wrote the ticked and then decode the ticket... it's tiring and not what we signed for really... but dunno.. it passes... you get worse and better days and in the end all that matters is that you solve *something*... if it's the wrong thing you solved another ticket will be opened, better specified anyway...

    so dunno, take a break if you can (I'm out of free days for example, it's december..) but if you can't just know that this is normal really, you'll get over this
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    @Hazarth funny thing is, the business guys literally just do funding stuff and request features. All technical decisions are on our side. And we've no firm deadlines at all. E.g. I just spent 3 days working on relatively small performance improvements and refactoring to cut down on "expected" exceptions. So it's not them.

    I think it's a personal issue. Procrastination? Lack of focus? I don't know. I don't want to be someone who needs pressure and deadlines to be productive.

    There's a bit in the book "passionate programmer" (not a great book overall, I don't really recommend it) which talks about being processed oriented and not goal oriented. I.e. the focus should be on what we do every day and not that release at the end of the week (or whatever)
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    In my personal experience a little exercise (running in my case) helps me getting my mind off work and preventing a burnout.

    For motivation I have tried some uplifting sound with little effect.
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    It's right in your face, or your writing I should say:
    "I started my dream job", if this was one or the main goal you had up to now what happened is that you achieved it and now your reward system is like "ok so now what?" Therefore no motivation.

    I always get this, maybe every couple months or so because I plan my life on big goals split into smaller goals, so every time I reach one of these small or big goals I hit a period of no motivation because I enter a weird, no purpose mental state.

    But because I have unlimited goals I immediately start working towards the next one so motivation and purpose kicks back in.
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    @skylord holy shit, you might be right.

    I come to devrant for the bitching and cynicism, I wasn't expecting insight.
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    @DasKoder perhaps there is a need to get the kick in the ass to get you out of the bed skirt if speak. It's only speculation but when there is no pressure or even reasonable todo items of import that you are really required to deliver perhaps you don't feel that you all value of required to do anything. The way you describe the performance optimization sounds like you don't value your work or at least have the priorities crossed.

    If that is the case at least speak directly with the people in the field so you get a sense of what it really needed and make that happen. Your work already has value but than perhaps you feel it and get enthusiastic about helping others.
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