Guys. I'm doing a fairly large scale which will need to serve a few thousands of customers. It's the first time I'm planning to deploy an express node.js to VPS. Want to ask you, shall I look for VPS which have support to MongoDB, or is it okay to use atlas - MongoDB cloud for the user database? I feel a bit weird about having the server on one cloud and the DB on another one. Or is it normal nowadays?

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    Separate cloud for DB? Not a good idea, unless you are okay with a slow performance. Also, you can run Node app on any VPS (except maybe few where you don't have full access to the server).
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    @lamka02sk That is my concern. I just get used to the Atlas, but honestly, it seems quite a bad idea to have the DB in another part of the world.
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    Atlas is great, and has DC native hosting available in both aws and azure.

    Only do business with the big players, the smaller ones don't save enough money to account for the differences in performance and the work you'll put in for network automation. At scale smaller vendors are more expensive as you pay whether you use it or not; at that point they're rarely competitive with aws reserve instances.
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    @SortOfTested "has DC native hosting available in both aws and azure" - saved the day. :) Cheers ! Thank Ya!
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    If you scale up more and it's more than few thousands you may want to take a look at Elixir which which can handle 100'000s of concurrent clients. It was developed Ericson to handle cellphone tower conections. And now it's used for heavylifting web apps.

    Phoenix Framework


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    Or dotnet core, which handles millions 😸

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    I am using AWS lightsail for nextjs app hosting and atlas for Mongodb, so AWS dc work on that or is there any other solutions?
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