!dev related whatsoever fuck off if this bothers you

Just got into a big argument with my brother in law because the little bitch was exposing my father and mother in law(which I adore) to the virus by virtue of this little shit partying every other fucking day, going out with people etc and then having my in laws pick him up etc.

I am not gonna lie, I love the kid, but this shit pisses me the fuck off, my in laws are over 60 each and I ain't about to fuck with the chances of my child's grandparents dying because some fucktard thinks partying is more important.

Been wishing for the motherfucker that would since a while now, just hope it's not this kid.

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    That's covid in a nutshell. Most doing their utmost to be cautious and careful, having their efforts wrecked by selfish individuals who think their right to do whatever they want trumps others rights to stay healthy.
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    Beat his ass, ese!
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    i am still so heated up shit should be illegal i swear
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    You should tell then to say no. Uber or take public transportation. I mean it is possibly life and death...
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