in the past 48 hours my partner must have asked me 50 times to create an "AI" that can get the data we need off of wikipedia.

Background: I am in AP Computer Science AB but I have been programming long enough that this class is a joke. We were assigned to partners with the task of creating a search engine that finds informations on wikipedia("which is dumb because thats what the search tool is for") so I created a Java Web-Scraping program in probably 30 minutes and showed my partner. He told me I am completely wrong because it would be "cool" to incorporate machine learning into the assignment.

Do I even tell his what machine learning is or should I just let his figure it out?

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    Beat him with a chair.
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    Let him work on it, I guess
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    Just make a wrapper function inside your script called ml_model
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    It's be cool but kinda retarded at the same time.
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    @metamourge Blame the created AI for the damages.
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    Personally I'd tell him that what I've got is fine, and that if he disagrees he's free to add something to.
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    @luxe011 he's right actually but probably absolutely coincidentally.

    Pretty much every search engine worth its salt uses machine learning to generate associations, embeddings, recommendations, rankings, and/or query optimization for the inverted index search algorithm (there's a lot more to even the search step than just scraping pages).

    If you want to go beyond your given mandate, might be worth checking out. Eg. You type in "pants", it spits out related search results for "trousers", "shoes", "jeans", "indigo" etc via a recommender system that learns associations by what people search for.

    @3rdWorldPoison by that logic, pretty much every commercial search engine including Google, Bing, YouTube search, Amazon, etc. is retarded. Hardly think that's the case.
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