I swear I passionately hate doing excel reports

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    You're just one in millions of those passionate haters
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    I feel you there! Spreadsheet hell is the worst!
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    I hate spreadsheets so much that I use python and pandas for almost everything. I really do not have words for how badly I despise using Excel, but I'll try to express my feelings as best I can:

    I can't use Microsoft Excel for more than 15 minutes at a time or on datasets larger than about 350 items. I get drunk and complain about Microsoft Excel to the bar tender. I've almost broken up with a significant other because they 'couldn't see the problem with it'. I've looked away while clicking to avoid seeing the stupid fucking box move on the goddamned down click so that I can get through a presentation. I have never cried tears of frustration at a piece of software before I used post-2010 Microsoft Excel. It's just the down click issue, really, it's mostly just that, but their keyboard only UI is such shit that I'm stuck with the mouse and that frustrates the hell out of me, too.

    Anyways, I feel you, man.
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