Good question, what wasn't bad about 2020?

As far as good things go.. well, COVID-19 actually. Back in February the lockdown began in Belgium, and while many people got bored out of their minds, I actually became a lot more productive. So many projects started back then, and I got a lot better at programming because of it. Now I can confidently write most bash stuff without ever looking anything up. And the code is maintainable, on account of putting everything into functions. You can literally navigate the code just by looking at it. On older code I always had issues with that.

I'm very glad that essential travel even back then wasn't really restricted. Because my bank is retarded about online banking, I have to go to the bank every so often to check my balance. At the time I tended to do that late in the evening, when nobody else was outside and I had the entire town to myself. That was one of the travels considered essential. So I kept doing it and made that my biweekly walk. I really enjoyed that. Gets your mind off things.

Bad things would be the utter stupidity that the general public had shown me during that pandemic. Burning down 5G antennas and not even getting the right ones, toilet paper, 5G death beams in street lamps?! They even sent death threats to telco workers over sensationalist bullshit from what IIRC was just a random Twitch streamer. Those people should just fucking kill themselves, choke yourselves in that pile of toilet paper you got yourself and then called yourself financially challenged. You braindead fucking retards!

Another dev-related thing is the normalization of SJW terminology. Now even "blind playthrough" gets your ass banned on Twitch. I saw a tweet about a Twitch employee (I think) proudly saying that they implemented it. Most upvoted comment on it was from a blind person, asking why they did this and not made the Twitch app more friendly to use for blind users. They too thought this was bullshit. Yet it still got added in, and more and more people are starting to think that "this is fine". Hell even that "this is necessary".

What annoys me the most is that this mostly comes from the US, where around that time they laid their knee on George Floyd, and didn't fix their legal system at all. As a European it baffles me since we have many immigrants here (the Drumpf even called Belgium a hellhole over it) and we just don't give a shit about whether or not they are "truly Belgian". We just let them live their daily lives like everyone else. Imagine just not giving a shit. Imagine not bothering them, not with racism, not with reverse racism, not with anything. Just let them do their thing and that's it. Yet despite Belgium being one of the most inclusive countries in the fucking world, I still got called a racist many times for asking.. why did you implement this? Why this, and not tackling the problem at its actual and pretty fucking obvious core?

So all in all I can only hope that 2021 will get a little bit better. But that's the same thing I said in 2019, and it didn't quite come true.

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    As an American I am baffled by the shit people believe from the mainstream media. Almost every outlet has lied about covid, the economy, the effects of lockdowns, etc. Or worse, they downplay serious issues. They mix in one tiny bit of truth to tell a much bigger lie. They also refuse to cover the huge backlash the world is about to have on globalism. People are waking up in every corner of the globe.

    The terminology war is not about protecting anyone. It is about silencing all speech not from "legit" sources. The goal of silencing other views is to silence free speech in general. In 2021, we, as humans, need to push back on this like crazy.
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    Re: banks. I do hope your bank joins the new century :)

    I almost never ever visit the bank, not even to increase the mortgage of the house :)

    The only time the last 2 years has been when getting a new bankid which is a digital id using certificats.

    And the only reason I had to go to the bank is because I as misplaced the code card needed to do it all online.

    In total the last 10 years its mostly been when doing things for the kids that do not have such a digital id yet and its 2-3 time a year at most.

    And I even live within walking distance from the bank, about 10-15 minutes.
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    The "SJW" stuff would be easier to counter if everyone didn't know some version of this guy, and footage like this wasn't painfully common:


    To some degree though, I don't know why you guys don't block US media. I sure as shit do.
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    @SortOfTested Wow, the guy in that video was horrible... Really deserved that cup in his face to be honest. I don't get why these people are so set on races. You get assholes in just about every culture (like that guy), yet so many nice people in other cultures if only you start talking to them.
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    America: You can't really fix ANY problems when half the population of your country isn't participating in democracy in good faith.
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    @HiFiWiFiSciFi DC is a fucking cesspool. It needs to be washed out and recycled. Gitmo was recently expanded for a reason.

    Did anyone else notice that we are now at war? Precision attacks on infrastructure, cyber warfare, psyops, expulsion of foreign agents, and much much more.
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    @Demolishun Leadership acknowledging these attacks would be a start.

    As Putin was making completely unanswered nuclear threats throughout the last few years, I often ranted to the like 3 people who will listen to me that it was extremely dangerous to let even those threats go unanswered.

    Now full scale cyber attacks, that the pentagon labelled "Acts of War" in 2011 are about the 4th biggest story of the week and are not mentioned by the executive branch in any way, and are barely addressed by congress.

    Meanwhile, remember the climate crisis? Infrastructure crisis? Manufacturing crisis? Offshoring crisis?

    Because, somehow throwing a bunch of kids in cages didn't bring back manufacturing jobs... whod've thunk it...

    Oh yeah, and your dad and uncles political party tried to take your vote away last Saturday, but this Saturday you need to feed them Ham politely while you all praise Jesus.
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    @HiFiWiFiSciFi That is because a significant part of the leadership is at war with the country. This is first a domestic threat, and secondarily a foreign threat. The domestics are working with foreign entities. That is why CCP operatives were ordered to leave the country. The domestics we will have to deal with ourselves. You can pick just about any government entity and you will find it has been compromised. Governors, senators, house reps, judicial, CIA, FBI, DHS, possibly the vice president have all been implicated. The people involved have been betraying the country since at least the Gulf War and possibly all the way back to before JFK. For instance, a Bush relative was almost executed for treason some 50 or 60 years ago. For some reason they were pardoned. Also, this is not about party. It just happens that one party and many powerful people in another party have been working to betray the USA with the help of the CCP. Average Joe has no clue.
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    @HiFiWiFiSciFi From your comments I don't really think you know what is going on.
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    On the left: Eric Swallwell had a spy as a donor like 10 years ago.

    On the right: The two biggest cyber attacks in US history are perpetrated and the enemies word is believed over US Intel if the attacks are acknowledged at all. Not to mention Intel leaked from the Oval Office to Russia about Israeli covert ops, not to mention the dozen verbal handjobs to Putin, or bowing to NK generals, unanswered nuclear threats, unanswered dictation of US European troop movements, full capitulation to Putin in Syria, obvious tearing down of NATO alliances, obvious bowing to every crackpot despot on the planet, capitulation on East Asian trade, arming Saudis, heading every cabinet with people opposed to their cabinets mission, pardoning Blackwater murderers so Betsy Devoses brother can avoid prosecution, oh and as a Michigander they literally tried 60 times to nullify my right to vote... I could literally go on all day.

    You: these things are equal.
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    @JustThat oh I know they “think” they’re correct.

    But they’re simply not.

    A Republican from Texas, sues the Republican Vice President, over the failed election of the Republican President. The case is then heard and thrown out by a Republican judge appointed by that very same Republican President.

    So the conclusion of “how could Democrats do this” isn’t just wrong it’s fucking retarded and after four years I’m fucking done pretending dumb as fuck conspiracy theories have equal weight to objective reality.

    The PROBLEM is that these people are allowed to continue further from reality to the point they are now plotting assassination against my elected officials and STILL the media insist they present both sides as equal.

    Here’s an average joe and here’s a retarded methed out chimp... let’s hear what they both have to say and weigh the merits.
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