Had to explain the difference between front and backend.

Waiter == frontend
Cook == backend

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    I like the analogy; waiter gets the tip while the cook does the work
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    Awesome analogy, I will b stealing that 😊
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    @Grom but the waiter gets blamed because cook messed up in preparation
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    @hamlj Yes! and the waiter will complain to the cook, but he won't mind all that much. come join us, its much better ;)
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    @Grom I do frontend and backend so I know how is it on both sides :D
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    Just remember to explain the part where the cooks get created and also aggressively killed too..
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    You saved me a big trouble
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    Having done both backend and frontend for many years (actually more years backend) I call this a big bs. Hardcore backend folks who have no empathy for users or usability unfortunately continue to badmouth frontend folks. Without a properly designed frontend, your backend is garbage - as in how a pretty UI that can't compute things properly would be garbage too.

    They're both cooks.

    Rant over.
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    I told the jobinterview BE is the database/server stuffs, FE is more about usability
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    More like the cook just gives the waiter the ingredients for a meal and then the waiter makes the meal...if we are talking about modern web apps.
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    If the cook screws up, he gets the blame. If the cook does an incredible job, the waiter gets the tip. Great analogy! :)
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    Really great analogy
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    @deusprogrammer pretty accurate comment
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    Yup, this is pretty accurate as we're living in year 2001.

    In today's world this is more appropriate comparison.
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