Client : you are hired as a developer.

Me : we need more developers as there's more work and less time.

Client : Ok, here's another dev

(Meanwhile me doing my work...)


Me : Here's the demo.

Client: it's incomplete, where's more work?

Me: that's the part of 2nd dev you hired before

Client : I don't care, I fucking need a work!

Me inside: (Why the fuck would the first dev becomes a task/team manager just because is the first one to join the project! Arrrgh!!! Hire a fucking scrum master to manage your fucking tasks/team, am just a fucking dev! )

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    This seems a bit weird. Surely for a demo the 2 of you would collaborate and produce something that shows both parts?
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    @AlmondSauce I am a backend dev. I am not responsible to manage whole project. I did my part. How should be the frontend and all must be an info from client/scrum master, or if he isn't giving, it must be frontend guy responsibility to ask if he hasn't been assigned any task. Why the fuck would I manage all tasks being a backend dev?
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    @ddev, on point my brother. But at the end of the day communication is the key.
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    Yhat just sucks. I have notices how much people i this industry do not care at all about tech.. Rarely someone cares
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    This still seems a bit weird...

    In the start, it was only you, so you were fullstack.
    But after it, you went to the backend and he went to frontend.

    You must gave him the project of frontend you had.
    He needed info about interfaces and stuff.

    How, in the demo, only you appeared?
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    Having worked on both ends (no pun intended), the frontend depends deeply on the backend. Any mods to the backend must be integrated in a fast running sprint. Mocks help in early stages but data grows and morphs as projects evolve. Now if there was no communication at all it's a shared fault.

    To me, not demanding a scrum master is a minor fault in your foresight. Although the client has a bigger fault here and might be suffering for it already.
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