Woke up, worked out, went back to bed. (?? Yeah I'm surprised too) Slept for an hour, woke up again, worked tirelessly and finished the slides. (Not as easy as you think. Had to drag out and undust a few jupyter notebooks again, plus realized that the stupid past me has deleted a bunch of notebooks because of lack of space, and I had to remake one again.)

Now I have to figure out why google slides doesn't like to play my videos, and write my script (don't give me the "don't practice too much" bullshit or "don't need a script". That's for losers. You gotta practice enough that you can cite your presentation even if you got a concussion in the middle of the presentation. Plus, you can modify content in the middle of presentation based on the crowd vibe but you can't do that without knowing your script by heart, can you?) Aaaaaand what was I saying... I forgot... Geez ... Well, wish me luck. This week is gonna be tough. And next week. And probably the week after. Ew.

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    Good luck!

    PS: Always told you that past you was a pain in the arse
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    Good luck!

    Google play is a pain in the ass with videos. Usually embedding the video to the slide did the trick, but lately just using a link to youtube is more efficient.
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    I simply can't use scripts.
    When I use scripts I can't transmit my emotions and so the crowd gets bored.

    For me the best is pratice (without any guide or script) and see how much time I spent (a normal slide is 2 minutes, if it's a complex slide or a important slide can spend 5-10m).
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    I agree on having a script that you know by heart. I always spend at least a week reciting it and timing it and telling it to everyone who will listen. Really it's the only way I can make sure I get all the important stuff said within the time allowed for the presentation and also get it done in an elegant way. This approach has never failed me. I hope it does you well too. Good luck hen, you got this. (If you hear a rustle during your presentation it's just me in the background with pompoms 🀸🏻‍β™€οΈπŸ’ƒβœ¨)
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    @Elyz awww ❀️πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ˜πŸ€©
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