A large update on UI rolls out, after around 10 rounds of public testing. Waves of complaints finally arrive.
Complaint 1: I liked the old plaintext UI because the UI now has some markdown
Complaint 2: I wish the tabs weren't multiline but I don't want to reduce the number of tabs nor sacrifice the accessibility by making it scrollable or something
Complaint 3: Why did you make boxes we did it fine with a single box filled with plaintext
Complaint 4: The lag is gone but I liked the old laggy UI because it was there for years

Me: dafuq?

PS: dev lead is happy with the results so things are okay at least for now

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    LOL @ complaint 4!
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    @Fast-Nop Well we had complaints about the new UI not working on IE8 (no I didn't mistype and this is because of the environment we are using, I promise) so... this is how it goes...
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    A major UI update will always solicit ”the old one was better (because that’s what we were used to and change scares us)” complaints. Always. But they’ll quiet down soon enough.
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