!dev and on behalf of some non-it related members of my family.

how hard is it to create some ms teams accounts for students? (cloud, there is no on-prem, i presume)
the school in question has roughly 300 students (well.. in germany..).

with a proper grade of automation, this can be solved, or am I wrong about this one here?

the student in question, my cousins wee one, received login credentials, that just don't fkn work.

the first remote class session is planned for tomorrow morning@0900.

my guess would be, that the admin(-team; i hope..) will have some fun tomorrow morning, because he isn't the only one, where those fkn credentials do not work.

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    You don't need even need a teams account to join a meeting...
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    And about difficulty: Click on "new account", enter Name, username, and let a password be generated for you.
    Or upload a CSV with all of that.
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    @sbiewald thanks for the input!

    I honestly don't have a clue about how to administrate teams. I've a colleague for that. :D

    As mentioned before, just ranting for some family members.
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