I just wanted to shout out to everyone here and say that I really appreciate how great everyone here really is. I've posted rants in the past on dev subreddits and I've always received harassment for one reason or another. In my whole time here, I don't remember running into anyone who was nearly as verbally abusive as those on Reddit. Thank you all for being you and please continue to do so.

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    This is nice. Your welcome🙌
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    Well, you're in an environment where it's more than likely that more than a few of us have gone through the same things you have, and felt the same about situations and people too.

    Like minded click best, and unlike reddit, people here aren't pious know-it-alls who have nothing better to do than offer deconstructive advice and comments.
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    @ragnarr023 I feel the formatting helps too. People aren't buried by top comments. And everyone has a chance. The fact that people can only rant 2 times per hour forces people to think about the importance of each post they make.
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