Feel like with every day during this pandemic I'm getting less and less motivated to do work...

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    what would you love to do instead? 🙂
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    @heyheni anything that is now impossible due to lockdowns
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    I’m going the other way.

    I find myself burning to do 16 hour days because there’s nothing better to do and programming is like my favorite thing anyway. And with so much remote work available rn, there’s 16 hour days lined up until at least June.

    I’m going to buy a boat.
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    You don't feel like this even where there's no pandemic?
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    Everything is the same on my end..
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    I don't know what I am working FOR at this point.

    Already couldn't spend the money on a house or whatever because it is not nearly enough and the market is fubar. Now I can't spend it on much else.

    32k in savings just sitting idle in millenial paralysis.
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    You should be at negative motivation by now
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