devRant should add a new feature to create polls
e.g. 1: What OS do you prefer?
- Mac
- Linux
- Windows
e.g. 2: Which programming language do you prefer for web dev, mobile dev, etc.
- Java

I bet after a while a cyber war would commence. And that would be devRant's fault because it gave developers a reason to hate each other.
So devRant please disregard my request for the new feature.

Narrator: And then he laughed sardonically.

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    I wanted to say it has been asked before ... But when I continued reading all I can think of, is that you need to remind me to be on your side during the war.
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    The only pool we need is that made of clients tears
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    Uhh hell no... we have enough mini wars on here, all we need is polls starting more cause somebody got left out
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