Slowly I'm learning not to give a shit anymore. This project I'm on can burn. I'll make progress and help out my fellow devs, but if it takes me longer than estimated to complete my tasks because of the unforeseen technical debt arising from this piss-poor excuse of an application design (plus we're 13 devs working on like 5 different feature branches - God help us with our merge conflicts) then so be it. If my tech lead complains, he can find someone else to take the wheel.

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    i feel your pain. i work with a team that is seriously unbalanced. these people push out changes like a dealer.

    it's not even good code.

    100% development, 0% oversight/architecture

    it's not entirely their fault, upper management demands results like a toddler that's off their Ritalin and the PO is struggling to just maintain a functional product.
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    @sariel I think you hit it right on the nail regarding upper management - especially the bad ones who prioritize profit/product over people. Our stakeholders pretty much fall in that category too. I hope your PO doesn't go insane with what I assume is an overflowing backlog
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