How much arguments you need to change your opinion?

Once I was lead developer, new guy came and he was impossible in his quest to be right. We would argue for three hours, while time passed away. Every day arguments over slack...

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    I think most things make sense / will work given a particular context. I don't really tie myself to any of them.

    There are objectively shit things, but I think generally when people talk about things they really do mean from their experience and given contexts, accordingly I like to hear about that ... even if I think that idea is bad for our situation.
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    There comes a point where you don't argue, you just say:

    "Sure, you could be right, I could be wrong. But what you're suggesting involves change, which always carries a degree of risk and uncertainty. It's also low priority from a business perspective. As lead it's my job to ensure we can deliver business goals while keeping that risk and uncertainty as low as possible, so this isn't an idea I'm prepared to go with right now. If you still feel it's a priority in 6 months, let's talk again then."

    Then if he carries the discussion on, just say "As above, we're not discussing this further." Multiple times if need be. As lead you should always listen to your team's ideas, but you should never be derailed by them.
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    I'm dealing with this exact thing right now. new people come in, bring new ideas. great, go build them. they show it off, i ask some simple questions like:

    have you cleared this with compliance?
    doesn't this break GDPR?
    how are you solving for table locking?

    super simple shit.

    Nobody listens to me. 6 months later, everything is literally crashing and burning. the only thing left is data corruption(it's coming).

    I'm distancing myself from everyone involved and parsing the logs to cover my ass.

    sad that I'll still have my ass at unemployment though, because i don't work on "the product", but at least i won't get pulled into the lawsuit when the compliance dam breaks and all the lies spill out.
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    I used to argue. Now I’m just pointing things out once and after that - don’t give a shit and wait for things blow up.

    I don’t even say I told you cause I know ignorant assholes won’t remember.

    Some people just won’t listen cause they’re ultimate idiots.
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    @sariel Oh god... Nobody listens to nothing.. I can fell you. So, now, I awoid working with others as a plague, being they juniors or seniors.
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    Sometimes arguments are good things but I’m guessing this was just constant collar heat
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    Personally I just need a compelling argument that is sensibly made that I can’t pick a whole in
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