So you are telling me I have to stay indoors from 21:00 onward because of Corona virus? And get a 95 euro fine when I don't? While I'm working 8 hours a day in a small office with 3 old fucks that refused to do ANY protection for their employees?

I'm glad you old fucks are dropping like flies. 2 million of you are dead already. Hurry up and die faster!!!

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    @halfflat thx for sharing the knowledge sir
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    Welcome to government logic. Push the problem onto the population, and get them riled up against others who aren't following the same rules, so as to direct the anger and frustration away from the government itself for doing a piss poor job.

    Same sort of thing here in the UK, despite the government screwing things up at every opportunity.
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    In the USA approximately 2.8 million people die every year.

    Guess how many died in the USA last year?

    2.8 million
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    @Demolishun Akshewallllllllly...

    US deaths in 2020 are over 3.1 million...

    Which is a difference roughly the number of COVID deaths vs the 2.8 million in 2019.

    Sauce: https://usafacts.org/articles/...

    Facts not feelings!
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    "However, preliminary weekly data can provide estimates of how the pandemic affected deaths in the US this year."

    I call bullshit. Looking at CDC data you cannot find anything for deaths per year. With todays technology we can do this realtime. This isn't data, this is speculation.
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    @Demolishun Would YOU like to post a more reliable source for US death numbers than the CDC for comparison.

    Perhaps ZeroHedge or Breitbart might support your claim?

    ... or are we just doing the thing where we deny the validity of all sources that disagree with us, based not on merit, but on a simple “I call bullshit”...

    Because my man... as far as debate is concerned, which is based as programmers know on logic, I call bullshit.
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    @AlmondSauce I wonder what kind of mathematical equations and logic they use to end up arriving on this curfew strategy. Did they calculate their decisions at all? I have a suspicion that human lives are actually not in their priority. What is sad is that big tech are actually the one that could have been capable enough to offer calculated simulated solutions based on the amount of data they have robbed from the mass. But they are very untrustworthy and clearly have agenda. So we have to choose our own poison: government incompetencies or big tech leninism 4.0
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