from time to time i find it hard to organize my personal life. it appears that i forget stuff that does not seem important to me or just not interested in.
apart from my full time job i own a small business and try to maintain a more or less social life (as social as i can get with my dev background).

can you recommend any tools that you use to keep everything in line?

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    I’ll comment just to track this, I’m in the same woods
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    I personally find small plastic containers help with organization.
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    I use calendar and a text file.
    Bunch of text files in directory.
    Each thing in my life that needs notes have separate text file.
    I append text on top of them and ctrl+f if I want to find something.

    In extreme situations I use bash command find . |xargs cat | grep something

    I have about 50 text files right now.

    I started writing some software to create my text files in organized way and search trough them but I stopped at some point and I don’t know when I will get back to it.
    Probably when I won’t be able to find something.
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    i once tried azure devops for that. but a kanban board and a backlog do not quite do the job. and my girlfriend was not so amused about my suggestion of panning a sprint for stuff 😅

    text files would also not be a fit. i have the requirement to manage stuff on my smartphone as well as on my pc. so some kind of webapp would do the job maybe. a colleague suggested wunderlist but as far as i know it is not in development anymore ☚ī¸

    i see that i am nor alone with this issue. if i find something i will let you know :)
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    Some time ago, I used the app Do It Now

    It makes your life a rpg where you upgrade your stats as you do things
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    Just don’t rely on your brain for anything. Accept that humans are bad at scheduling. Put everything in your calendar or notes
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    Use clickup. What is your small business?
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    @Devnergy i will take a look at it, thank you!
    i wrote an app called TT2Master and added in app purchases and advertisement. so i needed to open a business for that. apart from that my last employer wants me to write applications for them. so my business is about developing stuff.
    as a side note: my current employer signed an aggreement on that - if that matters for anyone :D
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    @Devnergy took a quick look at it. it really looks promising and it even has an api which i can use.

    thank you again :)
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    I kind of scrum my life:

    I have a wall of post it notes with various activities scribbled on each of them, colour coded based on type of activity and little symbols indicating cost etc.

    Any time I am feeling too much like a coder I pick one off the wall and do it, then put the post it in a drawer when done.

    Whenever I feel down I go through the drawer.

    And beer...
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    You get everythong you need.
    tables, lists, mood boards, kanban, calendars, notifications, notes, pages, importing data from webpages, etc.
    Android and iOS apps are awailable, windows and mac got desktop apps as well
    The only downside is the data limit but you can have as many free workspaces as you want (like slack) and if you segment it well enough you wont run out of space any time soon.
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