Corporate hackathons are bullshit. I've swore them off. There is no way I'm going to be put in additional hours for so little gain ever again.

Companies have boatloads of money, and they think they can get away giving people $100 Amazon gift cards. SERIOUSLY? You pay for execs in millions of dollars for flapping their mouths.

Make it so that you pay out at least 20k+ to winners and give people something for participating - a nice 1k bonus.

You guys have enough money.

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    Did your company expect you to come in on extra time to hack out an actual production product?
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    No, but I just find the thought of hosting hackathons, and having employees spend nights after work and expecting them to be rewarded with certificates and tiny gift cards distasteful.
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    Generally I'd be suspicious but IMO context kinda counts too.
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    I'm amazed more people don't realise this, especially when it's in free time. If it's in work time then sure, but they rarely are - instead it's often about giving up your evenings / weekend for a pitiful "prize".

    For the experience as a student, sure, do it with friends for a laugh. Otherwise though - just not worth it.
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    @rolexpo If it isn't expected that an actual product is created in that time and participation isn't mandatory its more or less an exercise for fun. Of course does the company benefit from their devs refining their skills and exchanging knowledge across teams but so do the devs who participate. Under those circumstances (and only those circumstances) I'd be fully okay with an Amazon voucher as a small incentive.
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