I had a question about a software concepts I didn't understand so I posted it to softwareengineering.stackexchange.com since stackoverflow would eat me for trying to ask for help with a concept.

I thought nothing was worse than stackoverflow...

I was wrong, in the first 2 minutes I got 2 downvotes and no comments why I got downvoted. I checked other posts...

All downvoted at least -3 and no comments why.
Congrats Software Engineering you stole the crown for most toxic community from stack

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    the one post I found that was upvoted had been closed for being a replicate
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    Can you summarize the question?
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    Stack Exchange is not a site for opinions, and they take quality very seriously, If your question was genuine, Reddit or similar forums is a better place, or, just put some effort in asking.
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    @Demolishun how does wallpaper engine work on windows, i cant find an explanation anywhere
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    Yeah that is a very baldly formulated question.
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