Watching normal people use a computer is incredibly painful.
* slow typing
* slow mouse movements
* mouse is used for everything
* instead of hitting the back button, they'll load up a website and go through 6 pages again.
* no shortcuts!

Someone lost their tabs today (Windows crashed), so I said "press ctrl + shift + T". They were so amazed that keys could do something so advanced.
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Honestly, if people learned how to use keyboards to their full potential, they could shave off 1-2 hours of their normal work PER DAY!

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    And if people could relax and let people use their own computers how they want room use them it'd save 1-2 years of their life 😀
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    Use it to your advantage, you make them think you are a supa hacker by doing browser shortcuts and using Win + E to open Explorer and stuff
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    Damn normal people
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    Even worse when it's a dev colleague, copying and pasting with the mouse, and the f*c king Edit->Copy and Edit->Paste menu entry. Pair programming atrocity.
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    I once had a colleague that went to the other extreme though, by using his keyboard for navigating the desktop, files, Google, you name it, he used a keyboard for it. He also somehow managed to memorise pretty much every single VS and Windows keyboard shortcut 0.0
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    @RhysOC it's not that hard. You need a browser add-on such as Vimium.
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    @RhysOC, I do the same, though with Mint and PyCharm.
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    This is so freaking true and is one of the most irritating things to me. Somebody asked on Quora whether it is true that techies/hackers/programmers only navigate via keyboard. I wrote up a concise explanation of our underlying logic and for some reason it became my most viewed and most upvoted answer on Quora with ~50 upvotes. Even though it is literally the shortest and least intensive and detailed answer I've written there. Looks like people want the simplicity instead of the long drawn out details...
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    @Gauthier I started using Vimium thanks to the recommendation from someone on devRant and I must say that I absolutely love it! So much more efficient and cool and memorizing the keyboard shortcuts are fun and simple. Highly recommend 😃
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    Last summer I taught a coworker on a summer camp I worked, how to open incognito browser sessions.

    She still thinks I am some kind of computer archmage...
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    I once had to help a relative to register some things online because of work (for those who have read the "family business saga" rants, it's the same guy). It physically hurt to watch him type at a velocity of 0,5 keys/second (I swear) WITH ONE HAND. OH MY GOD. And yeah he used the mouse to change every single field. I was "tabs. Tabs. TABS. TABS DAMN IT USE TABS" in my head. At some point he hand it over to me and I quickly did the rest. I don't blame him for not knowing the shortcuts but to me, as someone who is faster than him at typing and using shortcut keys and such, it hurts to watch. Real bad
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    Don't forget about their inability to use Ctrl+F or a search bar to search. They will happily scroll for several minutes to find an email that was sent a month ago. I have to turn around every time I see this, it's so frustrating.
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    @Gauthier using the mouse to copy paste is the worst sort of crime.
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    Another bad thing that people do is hold the left/right arrow to skip through lines.

    Hold ctrl, skips words.
    Press page up/down, goes to beginning and end.
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    @nitaj96a @cybojenix great plot indeed!

    I'll start a rant, The *Dev horror story*
    Inspired by you guys.
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    @BikerMouse, tag us in it when you're done, please
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    Try explaining the concept of tabs in a browser! For some, 1 window with 1 tab seems to be the limit
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    @Smudge, even my grandparents know what tabs are.

    What really throws people off is that you can pop tabs in and out of different windows ;)
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    A new plot for a horror movie
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    I'm reposting myself now, but a friend of mine got suspended from computer class for shutting down windows 3.11 by hitting alt-f4... 😒
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    Do normal people still exist?
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    @strider, I think so, but they seem to get offended when I call them "normals"
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