I was just thinking about disabling something, already forgot what it was that I was gonna disable though.. doesn't matter. And I realized that if I wanted to play my "disabled card", I could totally get Americans to ban that word entirely.

Cancel culture you say? Those cancel buttons are offensive to me! Get them out of my face reeee!

Command line? You're telling this thing what to do?! sudo make sandwich, so sexist!!!

Police reforms are so overrated. Let's ban words like master/slave or blacklist/whitelist or blind playthrough instead. And put our knees on another black person, shoot another in their sleep, and let said police officers get away with it. Yee haw!

And storm the Capitol apparently. It's been a while now but Europe looked across the pond in complete and utter surprise and disbelief. You call yourselves a free nation America?

Oh yeah, and ban words globally, in globally used software. I must've forgotten.. yeah, the world is nothing but America, oil fields, parking space and third world shitholes. Good thinking there.

With enough effort you can make anything offensive. And it goes to show that offense is not given but taken.

Fun fact btw: the United States is ranked 121 in the Global Peace Index (http://statisticstimes.com/ranking/...) - and that doesn't even include the Capitol's insurrection yet. Belgium is ranked 17. Tell me more about how I'm racist Americans. Tell me about it when your president literally called Belgium a hellhole over the amount of immigrants he saw in Brussels.

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    You want peace?
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    @Eklavya If I can help it, yes. Belgium is a pretty peaceful country when the Dutch aren't busy colonizing us (by King William, Wallonia revolting in 1830 against this), or Germany invading us to get to France in both of those wars. Those times are over now thankfully, and we currently live pretty much in peace. The ECSC and consequently the EU has ensured that. Global peace is next, and I wish for the Americans to make issues like the ones they have more nuanced.
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    @ostream racisme is zeker ook een probleem in België, maar wij schieten geen zwarte mensen af.
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    @Condor "Dude, you can't use the word 'black'... Are you crazy?"
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    @ostream This is no less than 23 years ago. If you want to take Dutroux out of the history books as well, be my guest.
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    I use Arch.
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    Thank you for your input. Tell me, what are you expecting this year for your fourth birthday?
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    @bols59 That is very low. You should at least bring an argument to the table instead of lowering this to name-calling straight away.
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    This cancel culture disease is now spreading to developing countries from USA.
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