"Don't go too crazy with the design, this is just quick to get it out, this is a one time deal" - management

Half a year later...

"Well if you would properly design components up front, it wouldn't be so hard to extend the code" - management

Well if there were some sort of god forsaken process in place, with assigned tasks, priorities, iterations, and conventions, maybe everything wouldn't be a last second shit show and there would actually be forward progress on a project instead of throwing shit over the wall and hoping everything lands in the correct places.

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    Kind of our fault as developers though. Doctors don't let managers tell them how to treat their patients, we should be able to make decisions about technical matters that management knows nothing about.
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    @Grundeir it is and it isn't. It's a 2-way street of communication that almost always results in 1-way blame toward the engineers.
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    One thing that I had to learn to do in my last job was to never offer a quick fix that required future work/refactoring to be done. The product owners were always willing to do the quick fix, but never willing to pay the price later. The code turned into such a steaming pile of crap, and I honestly felt super bad for whoever was going to take over. I still have to look over my shoulder every once in a while just to make sure he isn't going to hunt me down.
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