I think the reason most people hate frontend these days can be summed up by the fact that the frontend of my fairly simple React webapp is about 850 loc while the entire Express and MongoDB server is a mere 234 loc

God damn frontend is a lot of work these days

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    It’s too complicated because those who created these tools are also quit complicated.

    It’s always good to remember that we’re not FB, Google or GAFAM, FANG company.

    Thankfully alternatives are coming in the name of LiveView, StimulusReflex, HOTWire, LiveWire, etc.

    One is not able right now to push a feature from top to bottom.

    World gets complicated for a button to turn blue instead of green when the user is doing random stuff.

    At the end of the day it’s related to money.
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    Sounds reasonable
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    I think the fact some backend devs believe they are superior is also a reason...

    I've heard stuff like "frontend devs are just lazy a-holes" a lot of times, same goes with stuff making it sound like moving ALL the computational part on the frontend cause this cuts the costs (sure dummy, users will love a slow af application)

    Another possible reason is that you have a lot of tasks which feel futile. (Oh wow, i have to change the colour of this div for the 100th time...) And that you are cut off from all the cool techs.

    Are you a backend/full stack and studying ai? Cool, man!
    Are you a frontend studying ai? Why? When will you use it?
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    And please remember that the frontend platform (aka browsers) are hell. While the situation is better this day, there are so many constraints which lends to more code to support everything (accessiblity, browser support, design,...)
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    850 loc react app where 600+ lines are actually just html and overly repeated imports statements 👌
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    My problem with front-end is that, to do amazing work, you need to be a good graphic designer. With backend, you need to be good at software architecture, data schema design, etc.

    Guess what I’m better at?
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