I met a senior node.js developer for the first time and had a talk with him, really, I did not know how junior I was until I talked with him, everything he told me about node was just amazing, I mean, I describe myself as a good developer but he has the knowledge I would like to have someday, I loved node since I met the runtime and I follow many node/js programmers that are really good at it and I admire them, but having the opportunity to have an hour and something talk with one of them was really amazing and gave me more reasons to succeed and how to take that place, well I have to say this as per what I've already write -> nohomo

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    Yeah it's always good to have someone to discuss with :)
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    I too am in that boat at the moment. Sick of being around mediocre developers who don't strive for greatness, so no one to learn from, would love a good sensei
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    That's awesome! What were the main points you picked up on? I recently learnt about using WebPack with Babel to bundle client and server code for compatibility & performance :D
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    Please share your learnings :)
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    Well main points were not really about "oh so should I use gulp or grunt? Passport or jwt?" it was more about how does it really help while developing to know core definitions of the language and knowing how the event loop works, how is JavaScript compiled so it can help you debug or search for issues better, and so on, many things were definitions I already knew but not in a way I could use them in my daily basis, some topics were: IIFE, closures, deferred/promises, stack of middlewares/error handlers/endpoints-controllers, LDAP, contributions to open source (how to/when to/why to)
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